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Beastly for master
Coming February 28!


I had plenty of balls when my story started, and I sure as hell wasn’t talking about between my legs. Being forced to play the Beauty of the tale couldn’t vanquish the Beast inside me. I’d sworn from the beginning that I would never submit, and I planned to keep that vow to the day I died.

Then I met a real Beast, and my whole world changed. He understood what it was like to be an animal inside, and he made me his pet. Have you ever met a well loved mutt who didn’t get its happily ever after?

Despite being horribly mutilated by the criminal that Master seeks to destroy, Beast refuses to submit to anyone, even the Ringmaster himself. But when Master takes the man as his new pet during an undercover mission, love emerges between Master, Pretty, and Beast... and old ghosts come back to haunt. Which will conquer, no one knows.

Getting the scoop on a criminal mastermind may keep his daughter fed, but will playing lover to an assassin lose Richie his life?

The shot to the head that left me looking emotionless doesn’t make me prime boyfriend material, nor does being a killer who comes from a family with a long history of money and crime. But when my daughter gifts me with a dating service, I can’t say no.

I don’t expect anything to come of it--until I meet Richie. But something is going on behind the scenes, and the mob is involved. When it threatens my little girl and the beautiful man I love, I have to let the killer in me take the lead. But will there be anything left to salvage in the end?

Paying the bills as a gossip blogger isn’t easy, but I’d do anything to support my daughter.

When I find out the world's richest criminal has a secret daughter, it's like stumbling on the story of a lifetime, and I don’t hesitate to cozy up with him for a scoop. There's a lot at stake if Sonny finds out what I’m doing, but that isn’t what scares me most. It’s the falling in love part that has me shaking... but will my new romance survive the reveal of my plans?

Will these two single fathers live happily ever after or will their love be what destroys them?

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Coming February 15!
Coming March 15!
Prince Gigolo Cover.png

I live in a palace, but my prince works in a strip club—for real!

For ten years I’ve played sidekick to a real, live princess. Now she’s getting hitched, I’m turning thirty, and I haven’t even punched my v-card yet! So when I meet the most gorgeous man ever during an airport shutdown, I decide to spend my birthday making sweet love. And he lives happily ever after.


Yeah, right.


Apparently my “prince” is hiding a few secrets, like the fact that my brother paid him for my night of pleasure. Oh yeah, and he’s also the long lost brother of Her Royal Highness.


Upon learning of my oh-so-tawdry affair, the princess decides she won’t stop until the two of us are wed, and she doesn’t care that my Prince Charming by day is Prince Gigolo by night. My brain says this can’t happen, but my gentleman parts? That’s a whole ‘nother fairy tale.


Can somebody please bring the frogs back already?