Hollywood Creatures Book 3

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Every gang in Los Angeles is warring for control, sending the city into absolute chaos. When he has a vision of a new “king” to come restore peace to the city, Merlin takes a break from his duties as stylist to the stars in search of this modern King Arthur… but things get complicated when a mafia hitman is the one who pulls the metaphorical sword from the stone.

Manhattan’s Italian mob is sending the best hunter they have to wrench Los Angelos from the hold of paranormal gangsters. Arturo is oldest grandson of the family don and an expert at whacking creatures of the night, but thanks to his preference for men, he won’t be the one ruling the city. He’ll be stuck playing underboss to his bratty cousin. Again.

When Arturo acquires a sexy stalker who is annoyingly proud of his magic staff, the mobster finds he has a different future written in the stars, and maybe a new lover, too? Except Draconis don’t abandon their Family, Merlin hasn’t believed in love since he watched Arthur kiss Lancelot a thousand years ago, and they’re both being hunted by Death Himself, literally.

Can fated lovers fight the stars or will a Horseman with a scythe end their romance before it begins?