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Stud Street HOA is a series of a series of gender fluid LGBT romantic comedies with a sizzling storylines set in unexpected places. If you love hot romances with quirky LGBT characters and fun plots, you’ll love this series!

M/M LGBT Romance (Gender Fluid Main Character)
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A blast from my past has arrived, and "she's" a gender fluid drag queen driving a monster truck.

My life was picture perfect, from my house to my lawn to my Italian leather shoes. Then a redneck blast from my past arrived with a garden gnome in one hand and a ten year old son I’m pretty sure is mine in the other.

Honoring my sacred duties as President of the Homeowner’s Association means I can’t allow this diva to ravage our poor neighborhood with fake flowers and plastic flamingos, but I don’t want to chase her away. Not before I get the chance to know my son… and maybe even rekindle the flame with the sexy man in heels who raised him?

Will this mismatched pair overcome their differences to find love, or will Dylan’s obsession with looks leave him lonely?

He's my Gay Best Friend... so why do his lips keep landing on mine? Does he know my secret?

Half my life was a marriage of convenience to a man who loved his high heels more than he loved me, and being a transgender woman doesn't make it easy to jump back into the dating pool. But when I invest in a little house on Stud Street and find myself living next door to the sexiest YouTube homemaking sensation in the world, the sparks fly, and we're off! At least until his boyfriend walks in...

This new neighbor seems to like me just fine, though (wink, wink), which just makes me worry--does he not see me as the woman I truly am inside? Or is it possible that his "interests" may be a bit straighter than they seem?

I have two Super Bowl rings in my pocket, but I've waited my whole life for the chance at my own cooking show, and the time has arrived! Only problem? The producer is a little confused over my sexuality. Setting him straight (pun intended) is the only ethical thing to do... but I'm desperate to make this dream come true. Thanks to my very out and proud roommate, I'm having no problem playing the part... at least until the perfect woman moves in next door.

If you think being friend-zoned is bad, just trying being stuck as the not-so-Gay Best Friend.

M/F LGBT Romance (Transgender Woman Main Character)
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