Get a signed copy of Skylar Sweeney's debut novel, HEART THIEF, book one of the Black Market Billionaire series. 


About Heart Thief:


Billionaire Rex Bennett stole my best friend's heart, and I’ve vowed to steal his in return—right from its biosynthetic growth chamber.

It took ten years, but Rex’s stolen transplant is finally wearing down. There are rumors of a synthetic miracle heart in the works, but the handsome criminal isn't carrying his new transplant around in his Porsche—I checked—so when given the chance to play secretary to my nemesis, I go for it. Even if I get nowhere, it’s a good excuse to look at his butt, right?

Not that I’m into the jerk or anything like that.

Less than a day in, and I’ve already lost my phone to the friendly psychopath scrubbing the floors, been threatened with death-by-poison-frog, and been offered a chance to fondle Sexy Rexy’s gun (the one on his hip, not between his thighs). Things can only go downhill from here, but I won’t admit defeat.

Vengeance is my full-time job, and I’m out to steal Rex’s heart. But what happens if mine is swept away first?


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