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Prince Gigolo

Black Market Billionaire - Book 3

The kind of prince that makes her wish for a frog

I live in a palace, but my prince works at a strip club--for real!


For ten years I’ve played sidekick to a real, live princess. Now she’s getting hitched, I’m turning thirty, and I haven’t even punched my v-card yet! So when I meet the most gorgeous man ever during an airport shutdown, I decide to spend my birthday making sweet love. And she lives happily ever after.


Yeah, right.


Apparently my “prince” is hiding a few secrets, like the fact that my brother paid him for my night of pleasure. Oh yeah, and he’s also the long lost brother of Her Royal Highness.


Upon learning of my oh-so-tawdry affair, the princess decides she won’t stop until the two of us are wed, and she doesn’t care that my Prince Charming by day is Prince Gigolo by night. My brain says this can’t happen, but my lady parts? That’s a whole ‘nother fairy tale.


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