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Sick & Tired: Managing Sick Days As An Author

Seven days. That's how long I've been sick.

Living out in the country, it's not easy being ill. I live alone, a good forty-five minutes from the closest WalMart, and there ain't a doctor to be seen. So being sick SUCKS. But what's worse than all the coughing and the sniffling and the head fuzzing cough syrups?


Yup, I admit it. I am a plotter to an extreme, and I am OCD about my writing schedule. So nothing pisses me off worse than having to take a break. But let's face it: You can't write great scenes when you feel like you're going to puke on your keyboard. So what is an author to do?

Lucky for me, I followed the advice of my father when I created my schedule and wrote in a few days for dramas such as this. I am starting to run low on "sick days," though, and I am pretty sure I'll have a teeeensy bit of a break down if I'm still sick when that time comes. But, for now, I am focusing on getting better. But man, do I still feel guilty for all the writing time I'm missing!

Currently, I am writing about a 60-70,000 word book a month, which is a bit of a crazy proposition but is a lot of fun to do! It means whirling through characters and places in a way that leaves the head spinning... but isn't something I can pull off feeling like shit. :( (Much less when I'm high on Mucinex!)

So please, lend me your prayers, 'cause I need to get well soon so that I can get more books out to you guys!

Much love to all my readers, and please, if I am late to send you a prize for a giveaway, be patient! I WILL send it your way as soon as I am well enough to drive the hour to the post office!

Hugs from Sky

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