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Review: Wall Street Titan 10/10

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

10 STARS and a place on the Golden Rereads shelf for a killer trope twist, laugh out loud yet lovable characters, and sexiness sure to make you water in inappropriate places. (The touch of darkness that we see in the Hero near the end doesn’t hurt!)

THE Basics

Title: Wall Street Titan

Series: Possibly? Book Two is coming soon!

Author: Anna Zaires

Genre: Romance

Tropes: Alpha Male, Billionaire, Asshole Hero

Kindle Unlimited?: No (Cost is $4.99 USD at the time of this post.)

Cliffhanger: Yes



PLOT (10/10)

From the moment I laid eyes on the blurb, I knew it was a must-read—who doesn’t want to know the secrets of hooking a billionaire when all you’ve got going for you is a job at the local bookstore, a two-room studio apartment, and a cat or three? I admit to being a little worried that Emma and Marcus’ story would be one of Insta-Love (my least favorite trope of all time). Thankfully my worries were unfounded, as Marcus and Emma went hardcore for the Insta-LUST, something I find much more believable and much more fun to read, too! Who wants 100% sappy with no sexy to be found? This book turned out to be a perfect blend of both.


Though the idea of a cat lady and a billionaire might seem like a stretch, the author does an amazing job of pulling it off by subtly inserting many mentions of Marcus’ almost psychological obsession with winning and being “top dog” in everything he does—including wooing a woman who turns him on like crazy but doesn’t instantly fall for him like most women do (since, unlike most women in Marcus’ circle, Emma isn’t interested in money.). Though Marcus is a bit of an asshole at times, it is simply part of his charm and actually left me laughing over and over at his ineptness when it comes to dealing with a different sort of person than he is used to in his world.

Marcus’ jealousy of Emma’s cats is also as hilarious as it is adorable, and the way he tries his hardest to understand Emma’s affection for them reveals how much he really does care about her, despite his arrogance and his confusion about emotional attachment and how relationships work.


It isn’t often that I read a book cover to cover without skipping at least a FEW of the sex scenes (repetition is rampant in the world of erotica, and it bores me to death), but heavy hitter Wall Street wonder Marcus had me hooked. The sexual moments were soooo hot, and the slow build up left me dying for more.

When the interactions between Marcus and Emma weren’t making me hot, they were making me laugh out loud—one of my favorite things in a book! I will note that Emma’s reference to rimming as “shameful” made me roll my eyes. As a bi guy I can never understand why SO many heroines think anything to do with butt sex is “shameful”—in my world, if it feels good there’s nothing to be ashamed of—but at least this girl gets over it quickly, because the author does it well!

PACING (10/10)

The slow build of actual love doesn’t start until halfway through the book and is founded upon insecurities they share from their childhoods, making the development of their strange relationship extremely realistic and believable. You should note that we don’t make it “all the way”—to the heart, not the bedroom!—in this book as it is the first part of a multi-book series and contains a cliffhanger. Book two doesn’t come out until February, a huge downer for me.

Overall, this is one of my fav books and it definitely going on the Golden Rereads shelf! I CANNOT WAIT for the next book in the series!




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