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Review: The Perfect Stroke 9/10

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

9 STARS and a place on the Golden Rereads shelf for an easy reading book with funny and fairly deep characters, interesting plot, and VERY hot sex. This is one that I love to read again and again!


Title: The Perfect Stroke

Series: Yes! The Lucas Brothers series is a favorite of mine!

Author: Jordan Marie

Genre: Romance

Tropes: Sports, Alpha Male, Billionaire, Asshole Hero, Small Town

Kindle Unlimited?: Yup!

Cliffhanger: Nope--each book is a standalone in this series.



PLOT (9/10)

This book cracked me up from the start. Our leading lady, CC the auto mechanic, is hilarious, and I absolutely adore her. Gray is a dumb ass golf jock who managed to be a butthead in a very loveable way. They are absolute opposites, yet they are also alike in so many ways.

Gray and CC hook up at a bar in the start for what was meant to be a one night stand; however, when his car has a bit of a hitch, they end up finding each other. Too bad Gray has no idea that the grease-covered lady is his one night stand at first--and by the time he figures it out, he's proved his the butthead I mentioned. He finds himself really attracted to her, despite being an unrepentant playboy, but by then CC is convinced he's a jerk. Things progress on from there. I love it!

The subplot is fantastic, and it kept me eagerly reading throughout (I love me a great subplot!). It is both believable and hilarious at times, and it never gets slow. It will also surprise you several times!

The single point was knocked off because it felt like the plot was wrapped up in an unbelievable way, which was a little unsatisfying. Overall, though, definitely a book I will read again and again!


Tomboy leading ladies are my absolute favs, and CC fits the bill while still managing to be super sexy. She is tough, she is strong, and she is every bit a match for Gray. Though he can be a jerk, Gray is very likable, too--especially once you get to know him and his family. By the end of the book, you'll adore him, too!


This book certainly does not short you on the number of sex scenes, despite not being pure erotica, which is the only downside for me personally—I like more plot with a little less sexiness; however, a large majority of romance readers are the opposite, so...

PACING (10/10)

I really liked the pacing of this book. The subplot kept it from ever getting slow, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, wondering what was coming next for our lovers!

Overall, this is one of my fav books, and I've read it several times! It's definitely worth checking out the other books in the series as well.




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