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Review: Brood 9/10

9 Stars for a super sweet story of a single dad living the motorcycle club life and a desperate young lady in need of escape!

The Basics

Title: Brood

Series: Hell's Riders MC: Rhino Chapter

Author: Joy Blood

Genre: Romance

Tropes: Motorcycle Club, Single Dad, Alpha Male

Kindle Unlimited?: Yup!

Cliffhanger: Nope--each book is a standalone in this series.



The Plot: 10/10

This was a very different kind of MC romance than what you usually see from the motorcycle club trope, and I love it! We got a break from the usual hardcore darkness and grit of the trope and got to peek into the life of Brood, a single dad who cares A LOT about his son and his club. When Jordyn shows up mysteriously in his town (amusingly enough named Rhino--the stupidest things make me giggle!), he's drawn to her immediately, and he's happy to help her out when he discovers she's on the run.

Main Characters: 8/10

I absolutely adored Brood, though I had a hard time connecting as much with Jordyn. She came off a teensy bit cardboard at times, not seeming to have much personality despite the fact that she's suffered through so much. I would have liked it if she'd had a little more reaction to Brood's jealous ex than just being passive-aggressive afterward; it would have made her seem more human to me. Brood, on the other hand, seemed to be full of life, particularly around his adorable son.

Side Characters (10/10)

I loooooved the side characters in this story! They honestly made the book for me, and I am really hoping we'll see Roman and Pria's book soon. Of course, my veeeery favorite character was three year old Kasin, because who doesn't love a toddler with a caring biker for a dad?

Plot (9/10)

The plot was great, though I thought it was a tiny bit slow at times. Jordyn's background was really interesting, though, and the author kept me on the edge of my seat about what was going to happen there. The relationship side was VERY slow burn, so don't expect any fast action in this book, but I like me a slow burn. It makes a true bond seem more realistic.

Sexiness (7/10)

I am not a huge fan of sex scenes--I generally skim quickly through them--but these were pretty short and repetitive. I would have liked to see a bit more heat between Jordyn and Brood.




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