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Review: Dashing Through the No - 10/10

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

10 Stars for HAHAHA HOHOHOHOHOHO HAHAHAHAHAHA! Is that a great reason for ten stars or WHAT?! Seriously, I am really judgemental of Christmas books (NOTHING can live up to my Christmas Hallmark movies, dangit!) but this one had me laughing the entire time!

THE Basics

Title: Dashing Through the No

Standalone: Yes!

Series: Possibly? Book Two is Coming Soon!

Author: KB Cinder

Genre: Romance

Tropes: Christmas, Recent Breakup, Brother's BFF

Kindle Unlimited?: Yes!

Cliffhanger: No




(For those who think I talk too much and want the TL;DR version):

I rarely find a Christmas themed novel I love (yet somehow all those Netflix and Hallmark movies manage to warm my heart--binge watch, much?), but this book by KB Cinder is one I could read any time of the year! Poor Juni's crazy Christmas cracked me up, and I couldn't stop laughing--except maybe when she got it on with Dash, 'cause laughing definitely isn't appropriate for those sexy scenes! I'll be rereading this one every Christmas for sure!


OMG, did I luuuurve my Juni! Dash got on my nerves now and then just 'cause I thought he could have been a little more outgoing in his attempts to woo our FANTASTIC lady, but Juni's awesomeness made up for it. Plus, he was damn sexy, which is always a go for me!


It's rare that I see a book with both great main characters and great side characters--for some reason, it seems like it's either one or the other. The side characters in this book were just as fab as Juni, and maybe better than dash! Her mom and Pops, Karine, Sage, and--oh, God, I am laughing just thinking about!--BABCIA! I really hope there is a Karine and Sage book soon!

I also liked Brandon. Well, I didn't LIKE him, but I liked his character. There is actually a LOT of sexual harassment between male teachers and administrators and female teachers in the teaching world--at least in the district I taught in. I turned a guy in for harassing someone (showing up at their door wanting them to go to a swing party!), and the administration did NOTHING. Later, he was caught having sex with senior high school girls. It totally sucked, and I like that this problem was pointed out here.

PLOT: 9.5/10

The plot was hilarious! I would have liked for the Christmas party to have happened a little earlier in the book since that's what was highlighted in the blurb and it got me excited for Dash as Santa and Juni as an elf, but the spew-your-drink humor of all the scenes made up for any disappointment!

WRITING: 9.5/10

The writing was fantastic! The flow was awesome, and it was well put together. There were a few grammar things that bothered me, but you know I get my former English teacher going on and twitch over the smallest things. (Have I ever given someone a perfect score in this area? I REALLY need to learn to grammarchill. And yes, that is a new word, presented to you by me. Merriam-Webster can suck my stuffed llama collection.)


The sex scenes were awesome, and Dash was a damn hot firefighter. Who doesn't luuurve that?

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