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Heart Thief

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Payback is one sexy bitch

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Billionaire Rex Bennett broke my heart, and now I’m coming for his—for real this time. My greatest enemy stole a miracle heart from its maker, and I’m going undercover as his Sexy Secretary to take it back, at least if his offers to fondle his gun and spice up his coffee don’t drive me to the wild side first.

Rex shattered my heart years ago, and I was sure it would never beat the same... until a single kiss from the man I despise pieced it back together. Do I stay true to my vengeance and steal the heart he needs to survive or do I succumb to passion and allow the maker of the heart to die?

Heart Thief is the first book in Black Market Billionaire, a series of romantic suspenses with a hefty dose of comedy, by Skylar Sweeney. If you love hot romances with quirky characters, hot plots, and killer twists then you’ll love this slow burn enemies to lovers tale!

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Get it on or order a signed paperback through my shop!

Thirty-two floors would have been a long enough ride stuck in an elevator listening to canned music. But to climb? It took forever.

I lost all sense of time, space, and dignity as the sweat dripped down my body, pooling in my butt cheeks and turning my hair into a swampland. I let out a groan as I used the rail to haul my aching body up the last stair, nearly orgasming in relief when my eyes latched onto the sign declaring I’d made it to Level 32.

I was so getting my money back for those three gym classes.

After a few minutes of panting and gasping and poorly reenacting a Shakespearean death scene, I pulled myself together, running my fingers through my soggy curls and tugging down my pencil skirt, which had ridden halfway up my ass by now. It seemed impossible, but somehow my feet were still attached, and my precious Prada heels were unbroken (only because I’d stuck them in my purse for safekeeping next to the Undercover Vibrator).

I considered pulling out my compact and attempting to fix my face, which no doubt looked like Pennywise the Clown, but decided I was better off not knowing how bad it was. That way I could start the interview with a teaspoon of dignity. A fifth of vodka would have been more helpful, but I didn’t have any in my purse.

Forcing my swollen feet back into my heels, I hobbled over to the door, shoving it open and making my way into the very impressive lobby. Like something out of an interior design show, the room was filled with modern sofas in vibrant colors, abstract art pieces, and a black receptionist desk backed by a glass wall with a massive King Corp logo frosted across it.

A small Asian lady with a severe haircut and a deep scowl sat behind the desk, her eyes locked on me like an incoming missile. I cleared my throat, a little disturbed by the harshness of the glare, then gave her my best smile as I made my way to the desk.

“Hi, my name’s Mason Dansley,” I said in my best interview voice. “I have an interview with Mr. Bennett at ten.”

The woman glowered as I halted before her desk, her lip curling up slightly. “You stink.”

My mouth dropped open, and my already warm-and-sticky face grew even hotter and stickier. What was with this place? First slave labor janitor, now bitch secretary? Talk about weird staff. “Excuse me?”

The woman sneered, waving a hand back and forth in front of her nose. “You stink. Restrooms for clients only. You want wash in sink, you go to Starbucks across street. Bye-bye.”

You had to be kidding me. My eyes narrowed, and my hands clenched tight on my purse. “I am not here to wash in your sink. I have an interview with Mr. Bennett at ten. This is his office, correct?” I nodded in the direction of the giant King Corp logo.

“Appointment only. Meester Baneet no take walk in. Sorry. Bye-bye.” She made a point of lifting up a small sign that read By Appointment Only and slamming it back down with a bang.

I gritted my teeth, trying to keep myself from screaming at her. Some people might say I have a little bit of a temper.  


The woman rolled her eyes, leaning back dramatically in her seat. “Uh huh, okay, yes, sure. You have appointment.” The dry tone of her voice practically screamed bullshit.

“Listen here, you—”

She didn’t bother letting me finish, pointing to a Tupperware dish where a colorful amphibian was lounging in shallow water. Was that a poison dart frog?!  

“You leave now, or I make you kiss Colonel Dexter. Colonel’s spit kill elephant dead. No prince come from that kiss.”  



The phone went off, and I jumped as the woman’s hand chopped down onto the flashing button so hard and so fast it looked like she was doing a fucking ninja move.

“King Corp, Mrs. Cho speaking.”

“Since my office currently sounds like a junior high girls’ locker room, I’m assuming that my appointment has arrived?” I recognized Rex’s voice immediately, the deep, masculine tone making my heart speed up in a way it really shouldn’t. I hated the heart-stealing bastard, after all.

“Affirmative,” Mrs. Cho replied, sounding bored. “She stinky and sweaty, but she have large breast and is not underage, so you probably like.”

I let out a shriek, my hands clapping down over the breasts in question. Not that my tiny hands had a chance of hiding them, but it was the thought that counted, right?

“I’ll be right there. Please don’t kill her. You know how I get about blood on my carpet.”

The line went dead, and Mrs. Cho sneered, making a face at the phone as if it could see her.

“Wuss.” Her eyes rose to me. “He is no man. My itty lady part bigger than both his ball together.” She paused. “And you still stink.”

I opened my mouth to say something that would probably have made Rex’s prophecy of blood on the carpet come true, but my witty comeback was cut off by the arrival of the sexiest man in the world. Who also happened to be my greatest nemesis. The universe despised me like that.

Rex Bennett and I had nearly ten years of mutual hatred between us. After that many years of fighting, we’d fallen into a strange sort of anti-friendship, where I constantly tried to punish him for the evil shit he did, and he laughed at my sad attempts. Over the past decade, he’d caught me breaking into his residences and cars on multiple occasions and once showed up outside my office to lecture me on the meaning of “restraining order” after I’d cut his balcony rose bushes off at the stem.

Even someone who hated the man as much as I did had to admit he was hot, though. Everything about the bastard was perfect, from his tousled, dark brunette hair to his lightly stubbled jawline to his rich hazel eyes with their little golden flecks.  

His body looked like it belonged on a billboard for All Day Fitness, and at just three inches short of seven feet, he was one of the biggest men I’d ever seen. His enormous shoulders and arms spoke of how much time he spent at the gym, and if he hadn’t been born a billionaire, he’d probably have been a sports superstar. Or a model. Or a Greek god.

“Hello, Mason,” Rex crooned in a husky tone, walking over and extending his hand to me. When the hell had his voice gotten that sexy? I didn’t remember it being that sexy. “It’s been a while. You’re looking hot. Very large breasted, as Mrs. Cho was kind enough to note. How’s the lover-slash-lawyer?”

“Luke’s fine,” I said, ignoring the comment about my breasts. The man liked my breasts, and he wasn’t afraid to tell me so. It was a quirk I’d gotten over a long time ago, and his shameless perving absolutely didn’t turn me on at all. My nipples were suddenly rock hard for some other reason that I’d think of later.

I shook Rex’s hand a little more intensely than necessary, but the bastard had once shattered some poor woman’s hand for the hell of it. Let him know what it felt like.

“Limpy Luke still having trouble getting it up?”

My eyes narrowed. “I still can’t believe that Christy told you how we met.” I shook my head, teeth flashing. “I can’t believe you talked to my best friend at all.”

Rex shrugged, looking amused. “She worked at my prison. I was required to talk to the social worker before release. Don’t blame me for your girlfriend spilling the story. It’s a classic fairy tale, after all. The princess meeting her white knight while selling him over the counter erectile dysfunction meds is the ultimate romance.” One dark eyebrow arched dangerously. “I see you’re looking for new work, though.”

“I honestly wasn’t sure you’d see me for this interview,” I admitted, eager to get off the topic of Luke’s penis. I didn’t even like talking about his not-so-impressive man parts when I was drunk on a girls’ night out, much less with Tyrannosaurus Rex Bennett (as the gossip columns had dubbed him).

“Me? Refuse to see you?” Rex flashed me a grin.  

The wicked shine in his eyes should have left me feeling uncomfortable since I was here to fuck him over, not actually fuck him, but instead, it sent the butterflies in my stomach fluttering down to my groin. This whole secret agent thing was kind of hot. Pretending to be good when I was really being very bad was a serious turn on.