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A nightmare from his past has arrived, and she's driving a monster truck

A nightmare from my past has arrived, and she’s driving a monster truck.


My life was picture perfect, from my house to my lawn to my Italian leather shoes. Then a redneck blast from my past arrived with a garden gnome in one hand and a ten year old son I’m pretty sure is mine in the other.


Honoring my sacred duties as President of the Homeowner’s Association means I can’t allow her to ravage our poor neighborhood with her fake flowers and her plastic flamingos, but I don’t want to chase her away. Not before I get the chance to get to know my son… and maybe even rekindle the flame with the sexy lady who raised him?


FINED is the first book in a trio of standalone romantic comedies by Skylar Sweeney. If you like sizzling, second chance romances with plenty of giggles on top, you’ll love this quirky tale of two neighbors at odds coming together in the craziest (and sexiest) of ways!


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