Black Market BillionairE

Black Market Billionaire is a series of a series of romantic suspenses with a hefty dose of comedy. If you love hot romances with quirky characters, hot plots, and killer twists then you’ll love this slow burn romance series!


Life undercover isn't easy, but add some life under the covers and things can get real hot, real fast!


It's been three years since I've had pleasure between the sheets, and I've definitely been missing it--but not enough to blow my cover with some of the toughest mercenaries in the world. At least not until Detective Lance Boomer showed up at my office, and his sexy biceps drove me out of my mind. Then all my secrets came spilling out, along with naughtier things...


Now that this undercover cop and I have joined up to bring an end to a co-worker's sick crimes, will I get my chance to "join up" with him in a different kind of way, or will tough choices put an end to the fantasy before it really begins?

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Payback is one sexy bitch.

Billionaire Rex Bennett broke my heart, and now I’m coming for his—for real this time. My greatest enemy stole a miracle heart from its maker, and I’m going undercover as his Sexy Secretary to take it back, at least if his offers to fondle his gun and spice up his coffee don’t drive me to the wild side first.

Rex shattered my heart years ago, and I was sure it would never beat the same... until a single kiss from the man I despise pieced it back together. Do I stay true to my vengeance and steal the heart he needs to survive or do I succumb to passion and allow the maker of the heart to die?

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Sonny Wentworth parked his hotel on my Broadway, and all I can think about is passing O. Screw the two-hundred dollars; what I really want to collect is him.

Being a gossip columnist is a tough biz. When I discover the world’s richest criminal has a secret child, I leap at the chance to cozy up with him for a scoop.  There are worse ways to pay for my kid’s corn flakes than "dating" the hottest single dad in the universe.

Sure, with his criminal past, there’s a lot at stake if he finds me out. But that doesn’t scare kick-butt journalists like me. It’s the falling in love part that has me shaking in my heels.

If I don’t get my hands on a scoop soon, I’ll be out of a job, but my hands are interested in playing with other things. (Can I get a "wink, wink"?)

It’s time to win me some prime real estate on the Monopoly Dad board. But what will happen if he finds out who I really am?

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Black Market Billionaire Series

I live in a palace, but my prince works at a strip club--for real!


For ten years I’ve played sidekick to a real, live princess. Now she’s getting hitched, I’m turning thirty, and I haven’t even punched my v-card yet! So when I meet the most gorgeous man ever during an airport shutdown, I decide to spend my birthday making sweet love. And she lives happily ever after.


Yeah, right.


Apparently my “prince” is hiding a few secrets, like the fact that my brother paid him for my night of pleasure. Oh yeah, and he’s also the long lost brother of Her Royal Highness.


Upon learning of my oh-so-tawdry affair, the princess decides she won’t stop until the two of us are wed, and she doesn’t care that my Prince Charming by day is Prince Gigolo by night. My brain says this is can’t happen, but my lady parts? That’s a whole ‘nother fairy tale.


Can somebody please bring the frogs back already?

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