A slave to the millions of voices in his head who insist he tell their stories, Skylar Sweeney is an author of contemporary romance, romcom, and romantic suspense.  

Born and raised in Texas, Skylar resides on Lake Palo Pinto with his beloved chihuahua, Willa, and his collection of stuffed llamas. 


He lives in a cabin built by hand by his grandfather over fifty years ago, before the lake even existed!  (It was dammed up to provide electricity to the area.)  Lake Palo Pinto is around two hours west of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, where he was raised.

Skylar primarily writes romantic suspense with a comic twist and some darker elements.  He loves slow burn romance and is a big fan of quirky characters and unusual situations.

If you would like to understand his writing process a little better, check out the Inspiration Pages on his Pinterest--that's where he Pins images that inspire each book, including character attributes and plot points!